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Co-founder of | Graphic Designer | Photojournalist
Professional affiliations: CH-MEDIA (Swiss Press Association), AVPS (Swiss Sport Press Association), AIPS (International Sports Press Association), NSP (Nikon Professional Service).

A few words from the author: Taking good photographs can be a quite difficult task. It requires practice and sometimes hard work and, of course, to obtain the image that you really want requires a lot of skill. With the aim of sharing our passion for photography, we decided to run a photography workshop to help you get started with digital photography.

The workshop will cover everything you need to know about the subject and will be divided into simple and easy to understand modules with reference tables, guidelines and useful information which involve the basic principles and rules to obtain good and pleasing photographs. We tryed to keep the publications as simple, but as informative, as possible and will explain the technical and creative aspects of digital photography to give you confidence during the process of shooting a photograph while learning, at the same time, the common terminology involved.

The workshop is designed mainly for amateurs and hobbyists to provide tips and guidelines on how to familiarize themselves with the basic concept of digital photography.

The basics of Digital Photography

The publication series contain examples and explanations about the basic concept of photography and all the information is supported by photographs, images, graphics and illustrations. The complete set is divided into 5 publications and covers everything we need to know about the basics of photography. Hereunder are the topics you will discover in each of the corresponding publications:

Module 1

• Introduction to photography
• Photographic composition
• Understanding exposure

Module 4

• Focal length
• Depth-of-field
• Hyperfocal distance

Module 2

• Understanding DSLR cameras and camera lenses
• Camera sensors

Module 5

• Focus and autofocus
• Exposure metering
• White balance

Module 3

• Aperture
• Shutter speed
• ISO sensitivity


Single module
  • a full-day format
5 modules
  • 5-day format

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