Lausanne Festival of Light 2014: Design, Art & Light

From November 21 until December 31 the streets of the centre of Lausanne will be animated by special works of art giving the city an instant festive makeover, that is, the 13th edition of the Lausanne Festival of Light. An attraction for visitors, locals, families, artists and creative enthusiasts.

This year the Festival of Light spread right across the city centre with 14 brand new illuminated works of art. Artists from Switzerland, Germany, France and Finland who work within the medium of light have been invited to participate to this exiting event to show their light creations by means of projections and sculptures or simply light based art installations. The 14 projects habe been installed in different places in the city center producing, together with the Christmas lights, a magical effect throughout the streets. School pupils were also envolved in this event. The work of art « Au passage des Anges » number 8 of the package of this year was entirely created by pupils between 8 and 15 years old of the secondary school of Lausanne.

In order to explain all the secrets of this magical project, the edition of this year will be accompanied by free guided tours held every Thuesday before Christmas from Place Saint-François at 7 pm. The stroll in the center through the picturesque Old Town of Lausanne takes approximately one hour. A list of all illuminated sights can be found on the link « Festival Lausanne Lumieres ». The season of Christmas in Lausanne has already started and it is a great place to capture the magic of the holiday season.

About Oreste Di Cristino (246 Articles)
Multimedia/Graphic Designer, Photojournalist & Caméraman, Membre de la Nikon Professional Community et de l’Association Suisse des Journalistes Indépendants (CH-Media). Membre de l'AIPS.

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